These Are a Few of My Favourite Things!! Places!!

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In a further effort to appreciate all the blessings and joyful things I have been given in my life.  I love to travel with my family and have been able to visit some amazing places.  These are just a few of my favourites.

  1. Seville, Spain.                                                                                  image          
  2. Runaway Bay, Jamaica (snorkelling to be exact)image
  3. Paris, France                                                                                 image
  4. Liverpool, England                                                      image
  5. Venice, Italy                                                                                  image
  6. Munich, Germany                                                                            image
  7. Brussels, Belgium.                                                 image
  8. Athens, Greece.                                                   image
  9. Dublin, Ireland.                                                           image
  10. Berntkastel-Keuz, Germany.                                 image

I just realized that many of the pictures show me with a glass of beer or wine in my hand.  You would think all I ever did was drink in Europe, but those are just the pictures I have and want to share.  Hope you have some wonderful places that live on in your heart and memories.  Cheers, Michele

Drift Finds Of The Week!!

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Sorry about the corny title, but these finds were not thrifted, but found drifting through the beautiful waters near Runaway Bay, Jamaica.  I took photos of many of the things I saw with my GoPro Hero 4 Black mounted on my brand new wrist mount.  I saw amazing things this trip, lots of new fish species and some cool but weird finds.  I will show you the fish first and then the unusual items I found last.  Leaving the best for last of course!!


Jamaican Flying fish with it’s beautiful “wings” spread.


A spotted Ray.


A Doctor fish.


A Lion Fish.


A cuttlefish which changed colours many times in response to me following it around.


Sea Slug Shell.  This still had a partially eaten slug still inside and I was able to pry the flesh out before washing it.


Horse tooth.  I also found parts of the rest of the skeleton; some ribs, a vertebrae and a tibia or two.  I left the other bones behind because I figured it would take some real explaining to the border guards coming back through customs.

image image image image

An antique clay pipe bowl.  From what I can find out from researching off the Internet and based on the markings and shape, it is possibly from the 1700s or 1800s.  Pretty cool I think.  I can only imagine who used this pipe and then either lost it or discarded it when the stem broke off.  This is my favourite find for sure.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and the post.  Let me know what you think.  Cheers, Michele


Home Again, Home Again!

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image image

Spy our wonderful trip to Jamaica for our 28th wedding anniversary is over.  It was an amazing trip with lots of sun and sea and fun with my husband, Will. We ate lots of great food, read awesome books in the shade of a tree on the beach.  We had the great joy to have our youngest daughter Maddy and our new son, Jesse join us for their honeymoon during our last week.  It was so much fun to see them.  Cheers, Michele

Bucket List/ New Year’s Resolutions! My To-do List For 2016 and Beyond

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With 2015 drawing to a close and 2016 fast upon us, I thought I would review my wish list of things to do in the future.  I know it may seem like I have completed lots of things on my bucket but, I still have lots of wishes left.  I think life’s to-do lists should be bigger than just the mundane of doing laundry and chores, it should encompass things that scare or inspire me.  So this list will never end, which is awesome, because then I always have the challenge of doing something new.

  1. Walk on the Great Wall of China.image
  2. Improve my French.
  3. Swim the Great Barrier Reef.????????????????????????????????????
  4. Write another book, a murder mystery this time.
  5. Go on an African Safari.  image
  6. Pet a lion.
  7. Learn Cantonese and Mandarin.
  8. Become a better sewer and tailor.
  9. Learn to play the guitar and piano better.
  10. Go to the Brandenburg gate.image
  11. Walk the moors in Scotland.image
  12. Go on an Italian food course in Tuscany and learn how to make traditional dishes.                image
  13. Write a cookbook of my family’s favourite recipes.
  14. Hold and love my grandchild(ren).
  15. See the lights flashing on the Eifel tower again in person.image
  16. Drink a leche con leche in Italy in a small cafe while I shamelessly people watch.
  17. Go on an archeological dig.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  18. Help with a genocide or natural disaster in a forensic autopsy technician capacity.
  19. Get my masters in forensics.
  20. Get a restricted and unrestricted gun license.image
  21. Sky dive.
  22. Learn to scuba dive.          image
  23. Make a Youtube channel.
  24. Snorkel in Hawaii.
  25. Live off grid in a farm-house that I helped build, with my own self sufficient garden with chickens and goats.
  26. Own a horse.
  27. Make a Zombie movie.  My daughter Madeline and I wrote a script on a long car ride.
  28. Downsize all my clutter.
  29. Go to St. Petersburg and see the palace.image
  30. Go on another World War I Commonwealth war graves tour and visit more battle sites and war grave sites.
  31. Visit the beaches of Normandy.image
  32. Go on another wine tour.
  33. Ride in a hot air balloon.image
  34. Visit again all the places where I have lived as a reminder of where I came from and how far I have come.
  35. See my children continue to grow and fulfill their bucket lists.
  36. Grow happily older with my husband.image
  37. Appreciate and not take for granted all the great things in my life.
  38. Read “The Hundred Books to Read Before You Die”.
  39. Learn sign language.
  40. Climb the pyramids at Machu Pichu.image
  41. Get another tattoo.          image
  42. Continue to thrift shop, collect vintage and refashion finds to wear them.
  43. Make more doll houses.
  44. Start knitting again.  And knit socks and mittens for myself.
  45. Take a wood-turning class.  And make a wooden bowl.image
  46. Take up cross-country skiing again.
  47. Do the New York Times crossword puzzle in pen….correctly.
  48. Keep up with my journaling.
  49. Write a book of our family stories to be passed down after I am gone.
  50. Leave  behind a legacy that is positive and meaningful.

I continually add to this list, but this is just a start.  Hope this bucket list inspires you.  Cheers, Michele

50 by 50. (Part 4)

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So the final instalment is finally here.  And I am trying to stick to just the allotted amount, but I have finished many more, yet have so many more to do.

  1. Read all of the Miss Fisher Mysteries by Kerry Greenwood.  And watch all of the episodes of the Australian TV series adaptation.image imageimage
  2. Make the world’s best gluten free bread.image
  3. Make a blog.
  4. Cry tears of joy at my daughter’s wedding.image
  5. Compliment someone every day.  And I do.
  6. I know this makes it officially 51 but I am 51 after all.  But here it is.  I wrote a book.  All 185 pages of a bad Harlequin style romance murder mystery. Totally bad, but I did it on a dare, and so I wrote it.  It will never see the light of day and has only been read by four people including me.  My readers were very kind and complimentary about my creation, but I think it is best it stays hidden on my book shelf.  It was called “From the Heart”‘ cheesy I know.  But hey it wasn’t meant to be published!

Make and fulfill your own bucket list.  It makes each day a challenge to find and do things that scare you or interest you.  Many of the things on my list were a challenge for me so I have the added enjoyment of knowing I overcame my fears.

Cheers, Michele