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Favourite Forensic Pathology And Anthropology Books!!

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My dream job would be to work full-time in forensic pathology, but as I am a casual with three jobs in pathology including forensics, I just have to dream this will come true.  So I read and study and day-dream about it.  I know this is not a job that most people would want to do, but it is for me the best job ever.  Here are just a few of my favourite forensic and forensic anthropology books, both non-fiction and fiction.


Any of the Jefferson Bass Body Farm books (fiction).


Forensic Anthropology books.


Forensic Pathology books.
I read a lot of different kinds of books, but forensics is my favourite whether it is non-fiction or fiction.  They feed my dream to one day work full-time in forensics, participate in a mass grave exhumation or work in forensic anthropology.  Cheers, Michele