Mini Thrift Haul!! Another 30% Off Haul!

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So I had a 30% off coupon or three burning a hole in my wallet.  My lovely daughter Katie has been cleaning out her apartment and making lots of donations to Value Village and was kind enough to give me her donation coupons for 30% off.  I only found a few pieces, but I am very happy with the results.


This Anne Klein wrap dress is very much me and I can see getting a lot of wear out of it.  I donated two dresses to make room for it in my closet.  It is lovely soft material, a gorgeous print and fits perfectly.  It was $9.10 after my discount.


This Tommy Hilfiger shirt is the perfect chambray blue and fits beautifully.  It was surprisingly only $4.90 after my discount coupon.


This Ralph Lauren shirt is in a beautiful royal blue with white polka dots…Goodness can a girl have too many polka dot tops as I sit here and write this wearing one of my collection…No I say, I love me some polka dots, what is a girl to do??  It was a little more expensive surprisingly at $6.30 with my coupon.

It is not a big thrift haul, but the pieces are classic in cut, great quality and I will get lots of wear out of them.  Cheers, Michele

Thrifted Summer and Winter Dresses!! 50% Off.

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At the last 50% off sale at the Salvation Army thrift store, I picked up some new winter dresses and one summer dress.  I got some great wrap dresses which seem to be a flattering style for me as well as some sweater dresses for those cold winter days. I did a little closet purge to make room for my new dresses.  But I do love a good dress, so easy to throw on with the right jewelry, belt and shoes or boots.


This first zebra print wrap dress is from Diane Von Furstenberg who designed the first really wearable wrap dresses.  It was $7.50 after the discount.  I love the way it fits and black and white are always a classic mix.


This purple wrap dress is one I can wear fall or winter and will look great with tights and some killer boots.  It was $6.50 with the discount.


This summer dress in black and white is from Cold Water Creek, a very good quality brand, and still had it’s original tags from the store on it for $99.99.  Who ever priced it is awesome in my book because it was $14.99 reduced to $7.50 with the sale.  A huge steal as far as I am concerned.  The only problem is that the zipper is a little stiff, so I may need to rub it with candle wax or replace it to reduce my frustration level at getting the damn thing to work properly.  The dress fits great and could just use pockets to be perfect.


This caramel brown knit dress is perfect for the fall and winter with a nice scarf or chunky necklace, some tights and high boots.  A very versatile piece to add to my fall and winter wardrobe.  It was only $7.50 after the discount.


This black and white windowpane check dress is also a nice warm knit which will be perfect for winter.  It was $6.50 with the sale.  I know, I don’t need any more dresses, but this girl has a weakness for them, so what can I say?  Hope you like my finds.  Cheers, Michele

50% Off Vacation Clothes!! Mini Haul!

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I am still preparing for my vacation to Jamaica in the spring and I found these few pieces at the last 50% off day at Value Village.  I think there is a theme here as everything is either blue, green or turquoise or a mixture of these colours.


This necklace was originally $4.99.


This dress from Lands End was a little more pricey originally at $17.99.


This long maxi dress was originally $14.99.

I think I did quite well in adding to my vacation wardrobe.  I love these dresses and the necklace can be worn with several of my other dresses as well.  Cheers, Michele

Another 30% Off Thrift Haul!! Some More Vacation Wear!

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If you have been following this blog for a while, you know I love to thrift, and I love to thrift the most when I have a discount coupon. This is a little 30% off thrift haul of some pieces which will make their debut in Jamaica in the spring for our anniversary vacation.

This dress still had it’s original tag on it for $90.00 but I got it for $6.66 after my discount.  I love the colours and I seem to be drawn to greens, blues and turquoise so I guess my vacation wardrobe will be heavy on these colours.

This beautiful white embroidered top will look great with a pair of shorts on those warm evenings.  It was originally $8.99.

This purple flowered dress may not make it into the suit case, but it will be a great piece for the spring and summer next year.  It is originally from Old Navy and was only $6.00 with my coupon.

This white with blue stripes top is also great with white shorts for a slightly nautical feel.  It was only $4.49 before my discount.

What do you think of my mini haul of possible vacation wear?  Have a great day, Cheers, Michele

Shopping For My Holidays Mini Thrift Haul!!

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My husband and I are once again going to the wonderful island of Jamaica for our 29th wedding anniversary in the new year and I have already started looking for some new pieces to wear on my holiday.  I know it is a little early to start looking, but when you thrift, you have to always think ahead and plan for things in the next season or next big event well in advance.  And I find that the prices in thrift stores have shot up so high that I have to be more picky about buying a lot of the clothes, so I am not as lucky as I used to be.


This first strapless maxi dress in this beautiful blue and white Aztec inspired print is originally from the Gap and cost a little more as a result, coming in at $14.99…but this is where my 30% off coupons come into play.  I got it for $10.50 after my discount.  And as a bonus, there are pockets!!!


This beautiful sleeveless black and taupe printed jumpsuit is just perfection; it fits perfectly, is effortless and comfortable and just like the previous piece, it has pockets.  It was in the ethnic clothing section and was priced at only $7.00 with my 30% off card.

Two great outfits; not a big haul; but they are pieces I feel good in; I feel like “me” in them, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear.  A perfect combination in my opinion.  And I look much cooler than I really am!!  Cheers, Michele

A Swimsuit Cover-up From A Shower Curtain!! A Quick Refashion!

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I loved the colours of this shower curtain as soon as I saw it and I think it was only $3.99 with a 30% off on top.  I hemmed and hawed about what I would make out of this and then remembered that I always disliked my swimsuit coverup because it is made out of t-shirt material and sticks to me when my swimsuit is still damp.  So I thought I could use this shower curtain in a new way.


Here is the original shower curtain.


Here is the dress that I used as my pattern,


Here is the final dress.  It was an incredibly easy sew.  I used the original curtain hem as the hem of my dress, so no hemming involved. I cut out the curtain around my original dress.  Then zigzagged all the raw edges as it is a highly fraying fabric.  Then it was just a matter of stitching up the shoulder and side seams before hemming the arm holes and neck hole.  I quite like that I was able to match the pattern in the front and show off the beautiful pattern and colours.  I think I may also be able to wear this dress with a white slip underneath as a regular dress, I will have to see if it works.  Hope you like my quick refashion.  Cheers, Michele

More Curtain Panels For The Refashioning Pile!!

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So my wrap skirt from the shower curtain refashion went over a treat and it has gotten me back in the refashioning state of mind.  I went out the other day and got some more curtain panels for some future refashioning projects.


These black and white flowered curtain panels were each priced separately and differently; one was $3.99 the other was $7.99 but the lovely clerk at Value Village gave them to me both for $3.99 each.  There is lots of fabric here and I am thinking of making a swing dress with the panels.  Pockets of course!!


This panel is a shower curtain in a lovely blue, green and cream pattern which I can envision as a lovely top or, I know, another dress.  How many dresses does a girl need?  But I do donate and rotate my closet regularly so I am not overloading it.

Keep tuned for future refashions with these beautiful curtain panels as they become new clothes for me!  Cheers, Michele