Shopping For My Holidays Mini Thrift Haul!!

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My husband and I are once again going to the wonderful island of Jamaica for our 29th wedding anniversary in the new year and I have already started looking for some new pieces to wear on my holiday.  I know it is a little early to start looking, but when you thrift, you have to always think ahead and plan for things in the next season or next big event well in advance.  And I find that the prices in thrift stores have shot up so high that I have to be more picky about buying a lot of the clothes, so I am not as lucky as I used to be.


This first strapless maxi dress in this beautiful blue and white Aztec inspired print is originally from the Gap and cost a little more as a result, coming in at $14.99…but this is where my 30% off coupons come into play.  I got it for $10.50 after my discount.  And as a bonus, there are pockets!!!


This beautiful sleeveless black and taupe printed jumpsuit is just perfection; it fits perfectly, is effortless and comfortable and just like the previous piece, it has pockets.  It was in the ethnic clothing section and was priced at only $7.00 with my 30% off card.

Two great outfits; not a big haul; but they are pieces I feel good in; I feel like “me” in them, they fit perfectly and are very comfortable to wear.  A perfect combination in my opinion.  And I look much cooler than I really am!!  Cheers, Michele

Winners Of The Anniversary Giveaway!! Congratulations!

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So here are the winners of the individual prizes for my anniversary giveaway.  I will be contacting the winners to notify them of the prize they have one.  Congratulations to the winners!!

Beauty Bundles 1-3


  • Ashley
  • Tiffany
  • Kelly-Lynne

Beauty Bundles 4-5


  • Carol
  • Deanna

Beauty Bundle 6


  • Mary

Book Bundle Cookbooks


  • Willy

Book Bundle Fan Fiction


  • Michele

Complete Thrifted Outfit

  • Judy

So there are the winners of my anniversary giveaway.  I enjoyed doing this so much, there will be more giveaways in the future.  Cheers, Michele

Another Beauty Bundle For The Giveaway!!

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Due to so much interest in the beauty bundles for the giveaway and because of the generosity of my daughter Kate, I am adding another beauty bundle to the giveaway prizes.  It will be similar to the ones up top but of course with slightly different contents.  If you are already entered for one of these prizes, your chances of winning just improved.  But if you are not already entered into the giveaway, just subscribe to my blog and send me a message through this post telling me which prize or prizes you wish to be entered to win.  Good luck.  Cheers, Michele

Thank You For Over 10,000 Views!!

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Don’t forget to sign up for the anniversary giveaway, just subscribe to my blog and then send me a note to tell me which bundle of prizes you would like to be entered for.  Giveaway closes September 30th!

When I started this blog a year ago I never thought I would have as much interest in what I tend to ramble on about as I have, so I am completely delighted to have finally reached over 10,000 views on my blog.  I know some bloggers get 10,000 views per day, but this is a pretty big milestone for me and my little blog.  I want to thank all the lovely people who have taken the time to look at and read my blog as well comment and give me encouragement to continue this journey.  Thank you so much.  Cheers, Michele

Giveaway Entry Rules!!

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I have had a lot of lovely response to the giveaway that I am hosting on my blog to celebrate my one year anniversary.  But some people have put their names in without completing the entrance guidelines.  In order to complete your entry you must do two things:

  1. Subscribe or be subscribed to my blog
  2. Send me an email to tell me which or all of the prizes you wish to be entered for.

Just do those two things and you are entered in the giveaway.  Cheers, Michele

Anniversary Giveaway Update!! Two More Prizes!

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So since Saturday is my 52nd birthday, I thought I would add two more prizes to my giveaway.  I am adding a Beauty Bundle prize, and a Book Bundle prize to the thrifted outfit prize I my going to be giving away.  They will be three separate prizes and I will update what each price contains tomorrow once I have been able to photograph the bundles.  All you have to do is subscribe to my blog and tell me which one or all of the prizes you wish to win.  Then on the 30th of September the entrance period will be over and I will choose the winners.  Even if you ask for more than one prize, you can only win one prize in order to share the prizes fairly.  But good luck to the entrants, just sign up and tell me which prizes you want to be entered to win.  Cheers, Michele

One Year Anniversary Of Blogging!! A Giveaway!

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So one year ago on the 24th of September, I posted for my first time on my blog.  I have really enjoyed blogging, far more than I expected and hope to be doing this for a long time to come.  I want to thank all the lovely people who have visited my blog, signed up or commented on my posts.  In honour of this milestone, I will be doing a giveaway that is open worldwide.

Rules of Giveaway:

The rules are very simple, just subscribe to my blog, leave a comment that you wish to be entered, and your name is entered, simple as that. If you are already subscribed, just send me a comment that you wish to be entered in the giveaway. On the 30th of September, I will randomly pick a name.  I will contact the winner and get some stats on that person which will remain private.  Then I will go and shop for them and find a complete outfit with accessories included based on their figure stats, shoe size and style preferences.  I will post what I found before sending the prize to the winner.  The entire outfit will be my gift to the lucky subscriber and it is open worldwide.
Hopefully the winner will be kind enough to send me a picture of them wearing the outfit and I really hope they like what I bought for them.  Help me celebrate my anniversary by signing up and entering the giveaway.  So I hope you will sign up for this giveaway and good luck to the participants.  Cheers, Michele