My Favourite Perfumes!!

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I don’t buy myself many perfumes, mostly because I am allergic to many of them and because I work in a scent free environment.  But I do have some real favourites that I have been wearing for a while.  All of them are gifts from my wonderful daughters, Kate and Madeline.


I love both of the original Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfumes.  These were a gift from Madeline.  I love them alone or mixed together.  They smell delicious and mysterious.


I have loved Kabuki by Tokyo Milk for many years now and my daughter Katie keeps me supplied with this perfume as a gift.  It is a long time favourite and I love it.


This fragrance is one that I am hoping will appear for me under the Christmas tree.  It is Vent du Sue by Lise Watters.
These fragrances are the ones I wear when ever I am in the mood or right situation to wear perfume.  I hope that you have a chance to enjoy these scents.  What are your favourite perfumes?  Cheers, Michele