A Swimsuit Cover-up From A Shower Curtain!! A Quick Refashion!

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I loved the colours of this shower curtain as soon as I saw it and I think it was only $3.99 with a 30% off on top.  I hemmed and hawed about what I would make out of this and then remembered that I always disliked my swimsuit coverup because it is made out of t-shirt material and sticks to me when my swimsuit is still damp.  So I thought I could use this shower curtain in a new way.


Here is the original shower curtain.


Here is the dress that I used as my pattern,


Here is the final dress.  It was an incredibly easy sew.  I used the original curtain hem as the hem of my dress, so no hemming involved. I cut out the curtain around my original dress.  Then zigzagged all the raw edges as it is a highly fraying fabric.  Then it was just a matter of stitching up the shoulder and side seams before hemming the arm holes and neck hole.  I quite like that I was able to match the pattern in the front and show off the beautiful pattern and colours.  I think I may also be able to wear this dress with a white slip underneath as a regular dress, I will have to see if it works.  Hope you like my quick refashion.  Cheers, Michele