More Curtain Panels For The Refashioning Pile!!

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So my wrap skirt from the shower curtain refashion went over a treat and it has gotten me back in the refashioning state of mind.  I went out the other day and got some more curtain panels for some future refashioning projects.


These black and white flowered curtain panels were each priced separately and differently; one was $3.99 the other was $7.99 but the lovely clerk at Value Village gave them to me both for $3.99 each.  There is lots of fabric here and I am thinking of making a swing dress with the panels.  Pockets of course!!


This panel is a shower curtain in a lovely blue, green and cream pattern which I can envision as a lovely top or, I know, another dress.  How many dresses does a girl need?  But I do donate and rotate my closet regularly so I am not overloading it.

Keep tuned for future refashions with these beautiful curtain panels as they become new clothes for me!  Cheers, Michele