Why I Still Love To Thrift Shop!!

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Here are some reasons I love to thrift, anyone who is a thrifter will understand and hopefully some future thrifters will be inspired.

  1. I am a thrifter from my childhood and there is nothing like walking into a thrift store feeling the anticipation of the next great find.  Even after years of thrifting, I still feel that buzz of excitement in finding a great piece or pieces.
  2. The knowledge that I can find unique pieces that not everyone would have or even wear is always exciting to me.
  3. The vintage pieces are worth the hunt.
  4. The quality of the fabric and construction of vintage pieces.
  5. Saving wonderful pieces from the landfill.
  6. The people I meet in the thrift shops.
  7. The money I save, even though the prices at thrift stores have gone up way too much
  8. The staff at the stores that I frequent.
  9. Blogging about my thrift finds.
  10. Finding things that I can refashion.

What are your favourite things about thrift shopping?  I would love to hear from you.  Cheers, Michele