More Thrifted Travel Scarves and Fabric!! 30% Off Mini Haul!

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I picked up a few more vintage travel scarves and some fabric for making a table cloth and some napkins at a recent 30% off day at Value Village.


This vintage scarf is obviously from Paris, but unfortunately the colours do not match my other travel scarf from Paris so I can’t make a top of the two of them together…I will have to keep looking for their matches.  Only $3.50.


This Swiss travel scarf has beautiful bright colours and needs only a plain backing to make a top…I will just have to keep hunting.  It was $1.80.


This maple leaf fabric…about 3 metres…is perfect for a future sewing project to make a table cloth and some napkins for Canada Day next year.  Not bad for only $2.40.  So that’s my mini thrifted haul of scarves and fabric.  Cheers, Michele