My Love Of All Things Body Shop!!

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I have had a long-standing love affair with The Body Shop back from when I was 15 and would take the subway down to the Eaton’s Centre in downtown Toronto and buy things using my hard-earned pennies from babysitting.  On my birthday today, I went into the location here in The Bayshore Mall in Ottawa and had a wonderful experience.  I was looking for products to feature in a future giveaway on my blog.  Chatting with the lovely girl at the counter, I revealed that I blog and wanted to giveaway some products.  She not only helped me pick out what I will give away but gave me a ton of sample and travel size products to try out myself.  Just a disclaimer, this post is not sponsored by anyone, the opinions are completely my own, and all photos are courtesy of The Body Shop website.


She gave me some Drops of Youth, Youth Concentrate drops to try out.  I already know I love this product line from The Body Shop so I was delighted for more.  It is light and non-greasy and sinks in and leaves a luxurious softness to my skin.


She also gave me the Oils of Life facial oil as well as a travel size of the night cream from this line.  It smells scrumptious and I am really looking forward to testing it out.  This lead me to remember the fact that I love the product lines from this store, they are ethically source for their ingredients, are really well priced, smell delicious and on top of that, really work.  Yet I haven’t been shopping there as much as I should be, all things considered.  Well that is going to change, welcome me home, Body Shop!!


I am looking forward to getting closer to winter as they come out with my favourite product, the Raspberry Body Scrub which has real raspberries in it.  It smells so delicious that you almost want to eat it right out of the pot.  It leaves my skin so soft and silky that I look forward to using it every day, but ration it for when my skin is most in need of help.  My last hoarded pot of this gorgeous scrub is almost empty, so I will be buying up a bunch of tubs as soon as it goes back on sale.


I bought some body butters, body scrubs and shower gels in my two favourite scents for an upcoming giveaway.  The coconut and the pink grapefruit are my favourites of all their scents.  The coconut is so warm and cosy and soothing that it relaxes me as soon as I smell it’s heavenly smell and the pink grapefruit is so fresh, sweet yet tangy that it wakes me right up.


My all time favourite blush is the Guava shade by The Body Shop.  I have gone through a whole pot of this and am on my second.  It gives a soft subtle glow, without glitter or shine.  Perfect for my skin and skin colour.

So don’t be like me and forget how wonderful The Body Shop products are.  Check them out.  I will keep you posted about how the samples of the Oils of Life work out for me.  What are your favourite Body Shop fragrances or product lines? Don’t forget to sign up for my anniversary giveaway Here!  Cheers, Michele