A Bit Of A Different Find Of The Day!! A Big Surprise!

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It has been a hell of a day today.  We have had some kind of animal burrowing under out house for the last little while and since we have seen lots of rabbits and squirrels in our yard we thought it was one of those.  But then Katie our eldest daughter saw a groundhog in the yard yesterday, so we figured it was one of those.  So we bought a humane box trap and baited it with vegetables and cooked chicken and put it out.

My husband woke me up this morning and said he saw something in the trap and then went off with the dog for a long walk to leave me to sort it out.  So out I went and here is what I found.


A little skunk!!  He or she was pretty ticked off but luckily I didn’t get sprayed.  I covered the trap with a big plastic bag after tying a rope to the latch of the door and took the whole thing to an open field near my house and let the little guy go.  Be free little stripey friend.  Glad you aren’t living under my house any more.  Hope your weekend was a little less stressful and exciting than mine.  Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with a skunk?  Cheers, Michele