Another Thrited Remnant Dress!! In Under 45 Minutes!

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I found this remnant for $2.10 with my discount card and since I haven’t really ever tried sewing with knit fabrics, I thought it would be an inexpensive opportunity to try my hand at it.


I used my trusty tablecloth dress as the pattern, cut out the fabric and then just sewed across the shoulders and up the side seams.  Then I just turned over the neck, sleeve edges and the hem.  I used a slight zigzag stitch to ensure that it would have a little give for this very stretchy fabric.


Here is the finished results belted to give it some shape as it hangs quite loose on me.  But I didn’t want to make it too tight to show off any of my unflattering lumps and bumps.  What do you think?  It was so incredibly easy to whip up, the knit fabric doesn’t fray so I didn’t have to zigzag the raw edges which saved time in the final construction.  Cheers, Michele