Why I Love Paris!! Travel Photos and Memories!

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Paris is a city that we had the opportunity to visit many times while living in Europe.  There is no other city quite like it.  We have tried to see as many out of the way places in Paris, but yes, I will admit we did the touristy thing and went up the Eiffel Tower two separate times.  Loved it.  We wandered all over the city, up and down side streets into the different districts.  We visited the huge flea markets and saw amazing things for sale.  The Louvre was visited several times and we drank our fill of all the history and beautiful artworks.  The building itself is an architectural gem that should not be missed.  We climbed the Arc du Triumpe, wandered down the Champs de Elysses, ate in great restaurants including dim sum and sushi restaurants.  I even drove in Paris and didn’t die!! The Musee d’Orsay was purused and the Impressionist and Post Impressionist artwork drooled over by me. We drank coffee in fantastic people watching cafes.  Went to the great shopping districts and lived vicariously seeing people by Yves St. Laurent and Chanel like it was nothing new or exciting.  We loved Paris and hopefully will have a chance to go there again.  I am just going to post my photos and hopefully this will give you an idea why Paris is so amazing.



As you can see by just a few photos, it is an amazing and beautiful city.  I could post tons more, but I just restricted it to a few.  Hope you get a chance to go there and if you have been, I would love to hear about your adventures.  Cheers, Michele