Learning To Turn A Wooden Bowl With My Dad Part 2!!

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So my beautiful bowl is finally finished, and I can cross this challenge off my bucket list.  The last coats of friction polish are now on it and it is packed in my suitcase ready to take home to Ottawa.  I had a wonderful time learning how to turn wood on a lathe with my dad and will treasure this bowl for the amazing memories of this time we shared as a tangible reminder.


This is what we started with on the lathe.


Here is the inside of the bowl, I think the dark brown wood grain looks like a buffalo running across the prairie, which is appropriate since I was born in Manitoba, which is Buffalo country.


This is the outside of the bowl.

image imageimage

Here are the three bowls made so far out of the four chunks of cherry wood that a friend of my dad’s gave him.  The one on the far right is mine, the other two were turned by my dad.  What do you think of my newly learned craft?  I am absolutely delighted with the results.  Cheers, Michele