Learning To Turn A Wooden Bowl With My Dad Part 1!! A Different Kind of Refashion!

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While out in British Columbia visiting my family, my dad is teaching me how to turn a bowl on a lathe.  He had seen on my Bucket List post that it was something I always wanted to learn to do, so he got some wood for me to try it out.



First we started with a raw chunk of Cherry wood and my dad put it on the chuck on his lathe in his well outfitted workshop.


Then he demonstrated how I should remove the rough edges.

image imageThen I began to work the wood into a rough bowl shape.  It is a lot of fun seeing how little movements of the gouging tool creates a different shape on the exterior of the bowl.  Of course you are restricted in shape and size of the bowl by the original shape and size of the raw chunk of wood.

image image

Here is the process so far, the rough bowl shape is almost completed on the outside except for sanding and final finishing.

image image image image

The final finishing is now done and the first coats of shellac polishing has begun.  These are various views of the beautiful grain of the outside of the bowl and even a picture of me applying the friction polish.  In the next blog post about the creation of this bowl, I will be learning how to carve out the interior of the bowl.  I am really enjoying learning this new craft and spending time with my dad is the best part. Cheers and happy sawdust making, Michele