The Whiskey Creamsicle!! An Original Cocktail Recipe!

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Since it is Friday and a good day to enjoy a drink and relax after a hard week of school or work, here is another delicious potent potable by my resident cocktail mixologist, my daughter Katie.  This will kick you in the buttocks, so sip it sensibly.

The Whiskey Creamsicle

1 1/2 oz good Whiskey or reduce to your taste

1 oz Galliano

1/2 oz of either Cherry Gin or Cherry Brandy

1/2 can Lemon or Orange Soda, preferably San Pellegrino or a good natural lemon or orange soda.

dash of bitters

In a cocktail shaker filled with ice, add alcohol and shake.  Pour it into a tall glass and top it off with half a can of orange or lemon soda. Add a dash of bitters, preferably black currant bitters if you can get them.  Serve and enjoy sensibly or not according to your preference.  Remember your poor choices from imbibing this drink are yours and yours alone.  I take no responsibility other than the earlier disclaimer about the potency of this drink. Enjoy! Cheers, Michele