Mini 50% Off Thrift Haul!! More Dresses!

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Value Village always has a 50% off day for members on the Sunday before the regular 50% off day for everyone.  Even though it is always crazy to try to make my way through the store on days like these…other rabid thrifters looking for the ultimate bargain just like me…I ventured in.  I didn’t find very much as the racks were already pretty picked over, people were pushing around precariously overloaded carts full of bargains all over the store.  But I did find these two dresses which I quite like.  Both were originally $17.99 each, but with my discount, I got them both for that price.


This mustard coloured knit dress is a great basic piece.  I love the colour and the fit of the flared skirt.  It was in the store the other day on a previous thrifting trip but I didn’t want to pay full price even with my 30% off coupon.  But since it was still there today, I figured it was meant to be.


This coral and beige colour blocked dress can be worn frontwards or backwards depending on how I want my neckline to fall.  Not a huge haul by any means, but two good pieces anyways.  Cheers, Michele