Who Needs Another Polka Dot Dress!! I Do!

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I know I have way too many thrifted polka dot dresses…it’s a sickness, but for only $7.00 after discount, this originally from Talbots dress had to come home with me.  It has a rather 90s or 50s vibe depending on how I style it.


Yes, it is red and white polka dots…and I now have 2 red and white polka dot dresses…I told you it was a sickness for which there is no cure for this girl.  Cheers, Michele

2 thoughts on “Who Needs Another Polka Dot Dress!! I Do!

    Deanna said:
    March 15, 2016 at 08:44

    I’m with you on the polka dots. And it is red. Yep, it probably would have come home with me, too. The only drawback in my eyes is the button front. Those are not my figure’s friend. Too gap-prone. Do you have a solution for that?

      MicheleBrunskill responded:
      March 15, 2016 at 11:40

      Thanks for the comment. Glad to know that you are a polka dot kind of gal. As far as the gaping, I don’t really have a solution, but I usually sew up the bottom of the button placard closed to the waist so that it doesn’t undo or gap at the bottom. I was just lucky enough to find a dress big enough for me. Cheers, Michele

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