More Sparkly Things!! Another Jewelry Thrift and Refashion!

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These earrings and pendant were purchased for $5.99 at Value Village.  I loved them for the dangling beads and pendant pieces.


So what I used were two gold shepherd’s hooks, and two pairs of round-nosed jewelry pliers and the earrings.


First I used the pliers to open the ring holding the pendants to the earrings.


Then I just attached the shepherd’s hook to the rings and closed them up.


It took me about 5 minutes or less to make and now I have some pretty sparkly earrings to wear in the summer with a pretty dress.  I have used the smaller rings of red beads to make other earrings in the same manner.  What do you think of my little refashion?  I still have tons of parts left from these pieces to make more earrings.  Cheers, Michele

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