Thrifting for 30% Off!! More Spring and Summer Dresses!

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I had another 30% off coupon burning a whole in my pocket and had a chance to stop in to Value Village to use it.  They were having a 50% off all winter clothing sale, but I always have to hit the dress section as in the spring and summer they are my go-to wardrobe staple.  I found these lovely pieces for a great deal.


This dress still had it’s original Jones New York tag from the Bay for $159.00.  It was on for $24.99 and I got it for $16.99.  It even comes with a belt which to me, doesn’t quite work but I can use it for other outfits.



This dress was found in the smaller size section of size 9-10, but is an XL.  Another good reason to always look through all the racks even if it is not your usual size.  This was $14.99 before discount and I got it for $9.99.  I love the black window pane pattern over the bright red.  A great dress for the summer or spring with a navy cardigan.  Love it.


This Liz Claibourne dress also still had the tags on and was originally $99.00 but I got it for $14.99 and then with discount, only $9.99.  Awesome score.  Such a beautiful simple yet classic dress that can be accessorized to wear lots of different ways.  I have some great sweaters and cardigans that will go great with it.  A terrific basic and a great price.


This little white dress was only $8.99 before discount and I got it for $5.99.  I am not sure if I will keep it for my daughter if she likes it or use the skirt to lengthen the white lace dress I bought a while ago which fits perfectly except for the length.  This dress may show up in a refashion post if Katie is not interested in it.

Hope you like my spring and summer dress finds, and I hope it puts you in the mood for the better weather to come.  Just as soon as the snow melts, some of these dresses will be making an appearance.  Cheers, Michele

2 thoughts on “Thrifting for 30% Off!! More Spring and Summer Dresses!

    Linda Wilson said:
    March 1, 2016 at 14:14

    Excellent finds. I agree that the belt doesn’t really match, but the collar shape and print are lovely. The liz Claiborne is also a great find!
    The thrift shops here are really no match to what you find over where you are!?

      MicheleBrunskill responded:
      March 1, 2016 at 14:38

      I do admit to being pretty lucky most of the time, but there are many a day that I go in and out of the thrift store without a thing. Do you have a lot of thrift shops or op shops where you are? I have all the thrift shops in my GPS so that if I am out somewhere and have a bit of time, I can hit the one closest to me. Obsessive thrifter maybe? I have no shame in admitting that I am a bit of an addict. But I do purge my closet regularily and try to keep the pieces I love. Cheers, Michele

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