MIGS R US!! My Brother’s Blog For MIG Model Planes!

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In an effort to broaden the scope of my blog I had been fortunate enough to be able to add my brother Scott as a guest contributor.  My brother designs and builds amazing model MIG planes.  He belongs to North American MIG Consortium group that designs, builds and test flies MIG model airplanes that can be flown by remote control.


He records amazing and detailed YouTube videos to explain the designs and how to build the kits for the planes. I hope you check him out Here and Here at his two blogs.  Scott; a retired Canadian Airforce Officer, Stephan; a retired US Airforce Officer and Dave; an engineering expert; design, create, test fly and sell the plans for these amazing planes.  If you are into model planes or plane designs you should check him out.  Here are some of the designs and plans from their website.

image MIG-FA Stealth

imageMIG-35B Fulcrum


I hope you check out his blogs if you are at all interested in airplanes or model airplanes.  Cheers, Michele