These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things!! Refashions!!

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In a continuing effort to focus on the joy and happiness in my life, I am making a list of my favourite things.  Here are a list of a few of my favourite refashions.

  1. Winter coat gets a new collar.                                After refashion.
  2. Suede skirt from tunic top.                                          image
  3. Scarf turns into a top.                               image
  4. Coin into necklace.                                         image
  5. Top from an old Gap dress.                                                  image
  6. Shoes get new soles.                image
  7. Polka Dot jumper into dress.     image
  8. Snowy sweater                                                image
  9. Doll House .                            image
  10. Zombie costume.                                         image

So these are just a few of my refashions.  Cheers, Michele