DEFCON 4!! Spammers and Hackers!!

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Hello to my lovely followers and readers. I have been home with a terrible ear infection, so I have been spending a lot of time on the Internet.  I discovered today after speaking to my Hosting company for my blog that I have a huge amount of spammers who are following me, and even have had three events where people have tried to hack me.  What the heck, who wants to hack a thrifting and refashioning blog?  But apparently some people in the Internet world want to get into innocuous blogs and websites, fiddle with the settings and create hidden forums to allow for nefarious and illegal activities to be discussed.  So my host company helped me delete all of my users except for a couple that I easily recognized.  So if I have deleted you, a real person who is actually interested in me and my babblings, please follow me by email.  I am checking all applicant users now for spam alerts.  You can do this by googling an email address and the IP address that is associated with it for Spam alerts.  So I am so sorry if I deleted you.  So I am sorry I was so Internet naive but that has changed, now I am vigilant, a blogging warrior!!  Cheers, Michele