Some Favourite Refashion Bloggers.

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In celebration of having over 800 followers and 1200 visits to my blog, I decided to do a post honouring some of the bloggers who I have been following for a while.  These people have unique voices and cool ideas of how to upcycle their finds and live a life of not just making do with second-hand pieces, but embracing the joy of the wonderful finds to be found and making them their own.  Enjoy!

Confessions of a Refashionista  A quirky and amazing Canadian gal who lives in Berlin and has great talent for refashioning her finds.  And she is just really bubbly and funny to boot.  I love her refashions.  Check her out at


Merricks Art  This gal has amazing dress making style.  She is more of a start from scratch kind of gal with real talent but she does some amazing refashions as well.  She has amazing style and wears beautiful classic clothes that often have a delightful twist.  Check her out at                                             image

Makery   This lady has amazing talents in turning the unloved and unwanted finds into some beautiful, classic yet quirky pieces.  I love her blog.  Check her out at http://www.makery.ukimage

Charity Shop Chic  This lady has the most amazing talents, she can sew like a dream, design patterns from scratch and refashion better than almost anyone I have followed.  Check her out at


Trash to Couture  Another great refashioner who makes beautiful things for herself and her family.  She refashions thrifted items and also dyes them in unique ways to give them new life.  Check her out at


The Renegade Seamstress She is an amazing seamstress, taking thrifted items and completely upcycling them into beautifully tailored pieces.  She has been featured in a number of sewing publications as well.  Check her out at


These ladies are just a few of the fantastic refashioners, sewers and thrifters that I follow.  They inspire me to think outside the box when thrifting and refashioning to see the beauty in a piece for it’s fabric, colour, pattern or cut.  We all need a little inspiration in our lives and these ladies are just some of mine.  Cheers, Michele