Refashion Co-op Associate!!! That’s Me!!

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imageImage from Refashion Co-op

Two weeks ago I sent a request to be a contributor to a community refashioning blog called Refashion Co-op.  I never expected to hear anything and then, low and behold, this past Saturday I got a super fantastic invite to join the community as a blogging associate.  I was so thrilled that I cried and did a little dance in my living room.  Total geek, I know.  But anyways, I immediately wrote up a blog post about my silk scarf into a top refashion and sent it in and within hours, it was up on their website.


Again…totally thrilled…more tears, more dancing.  I have since posted my Snowy sweater refashion.


So I would recommend checking Refashion Co-op out, there are some fantastic people showcasing their amazing talents and refashioning skills.   Cheers, Michele