Skirt with issues! #2

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This is another skirt refashion.  I know, I know, not another one.  But I really liked this skirt from the first moment I saw it, but it had issues.


First the waistband was too tight, and second it had pleats in the front which made me look like I was about 5 months pregnant.image

So the waist band and the pleats had to go.


First I carefully removed the waistband.  Luckily the zipper ended below the waist band so this refashion didn’t require any fiddling with the zipper because I hate trying to fix zippers.  Then I removed the pleats from both the skirt and the lining and zigzagged the two raw edges together and trimmed off all the loose threads.  I just turned the waistband and stitched it down.


The skirt fits perfectly now and baby belly has gone away.   I love the colours and pattern of this pencil skirt, it is pure wool, fully lined, has pockets and best of all, it has pockets!