Art for Art’s sake. Thrifted Van Gogh.

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I don’t just thrift clothing, jewelry and handbags, I also thrift art.  I have had a long time love of Vincent Van Gogh’s works and unless I win the lottery I can’t afford the real thing.  So I thrift prints of his work.  I have an entire area at the top of my stairs devoted to my collection.

image image

Through out my house I have about forty prints, but the main concentration is in this one area and I love having them all together.  This large print of Irises was the first gift my husband ever gave me.


These three prints were purchased in Amsterdam at the Van Gogh museum on my honeymoon in 1988.  As you can see, I have loved his work for a long time.

image image image

These are just a few of my other prints, all thrifted with frames.


I love all of the pieces, and am still on the hunt for more addition to my Van Gogh walls.  I just worry I will run out of space.  I have to swap out pieces I already have with one I have stored.  Who is your favourite artist and do you ever look outside the clothing and accessory shelves and racks for the other great items in thrift stores?  Cheers, Michele