50 by 50. (Part 4)

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So the final instalment is finally here.  And I am trying to stick to just the allotted amount, but I have finished many more, yet have so many more to do.

  1. Read all of the Miss Fisher Mysteries by Kerry Greenwood.  And watch all of the episodes of the Australian TV series adaptation.image imageimage
  2. Make the world’s best gluten free bread.image
  3. Make a blog.
  4. Cry tears of joy at my daughter’s wedding.image
  5. Compliment someone every day.  And I do.
  6. I know this makes it officially 51 but I am 51 after all.  But here it is.  I wrote a book.  All 185 pages of a bad Harlequin style romance murder mystery. Totally bad, but I did it on a dare, and so I wrote it.  It will never see the light of day and has only been read by four people including me.  My readers were very kind and complimentary about my creation, but I think it is best it stays hidden on my book shelf.  It was called “From the Heart”‘ cheesy I know.  But hey it wasn’t meant to be published!

Make and fulfill your own bucket list.  It makes each day a challenge to find and do things that scare you or interest you.  Many of the things on my list were a challenge for me so I have the added enjoyment of knowing I overcame my fears.

Cheers, Michele