50 by 50. (Part 3)

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Here we go with another instalment of my bucket list fulfilment.  So once again:

  1. Read all of Shakespeare’s works.  I took a course in University, to help break up all the science studies, that was a focus on 12 of his most famous plays, but went on to finish the complete works later.image
  2. Climb a mountain to a Monastery.  This I did in Athens.image
  3. Own my first car, a 1973 Honda Civic hatchback, in British racing green. I called it Fred, and my parents bought it for me.image
  4. Eat sushi and/or dim sum in as many places as possible.  Including dim sum in Dublin and sushi in Liverpool.imageimageimageimage
  5. Eat moules and frites and Belgian beer in Brussels.image
  6. Watch all the original Lisbeth Salander movies with subtitles.  And read all the books.image
  7. Collect obscure Zombie movies.image image image
  8. Eat Paella and Sangria in Seville.image
  9. See a Shakespearean play in the Globe Theatre in London.  We saw Othello.image
  10. Own a convertible.  I have now owned two, both Volkswagen Golfs.  The first my husband bought me for my 40th birthday and the second one, which I still own, he bought me in Germany.image
  11. Get a tattoo.  Mine is a chickadee in white in honour of my mom,as it was her favourite bird and always seems so cheerful and busy.image
  12. Fire a 357 revolver and a shotgun.  I got to do this for my birthday with my daughter, Katie.image image
  13. Drink Guiness in Dublin in the Guiness factory.image
  14. Visit the Jamieson’s factory in Dublin and become a whisky taster.image
  15. Visit Pompeii and wander the ancient streets.image