Romper with issues becomes a wearable dress!

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I felt it was time for an actual refashion walk through tutorial to show that I actually do the refashions myself.  This one has been much requested, so now the blue and polka dot Goucho legged romper featured in a previous post as an end of summer find has been transformed to a pretty vintage style summer dress.


This is a before shot showing the original Goucho pant bottoms of the romper.  I thrifted this beauty for $6.99 at Value Village, but the issue was that the body was too short and it pinched me in uncomfortable places.  And the yoke style bodice was a little too finicky to lengthen, so the romper’s legs had to go to be replaced by a full skirt.  I knew this would be an easy refashion so I dove right in without hesitation.


First I ripped the seams on the inside of the legs all the way across, leaving the front and back partial seams intact.


Then I turned it inside out and pinned The front of the old leg seams and using dress makers chalk drew a new seam line before sewing, trimming and zig zag stitching the cut edge to prevent fraying.  I repeated this process on the old back seams from the legs  I did try it on to ensure it fit and the new seams lay right, before trimming off the excess fabric and zigzagging the raw edges.


I trimmed about 7 inches off the bottom, zigzagged the raw edge and ironed a new hem.  I need to get some dark navy thread to stitch down the new hem to finish it off. The hem now hits me just at the knee, a much more flattering length, I think.


So this is the before and after.  I have the option of turning the halter straps into regular straps.  Which option do you prefer?  Also I am not sure about the whole bow thing, what do you think I should do with that?  It seems a little fussy looking for my style and I think it would be very easy to remove. I would love some feedback as I am not sure this refashion is quite done.  Unfortunately, once it is done, it will have to hibernate til next summer.  Cheers, Michele

One thought on “Romper with issues becomes a wearable dress!

    Jackie said:
    November 3, 2015 at 09:31

    Hi Michele,

    I think you should keep the straps as they are. I also agree about the bow, it is too fussy and I think it should go.

    Love you and love the blog,

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