50 by 50. (Part 2) My bucket list completions continue….

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Here is another addition to my bucket list completions, and I hope this doesn’t sound like bragging, I just have been blessed with some amazing opportunities to complete some of my bucket list wishes.  Again in no particular order, a further 15:

  1. Learn to speak another language, in this case German.  Aber Es hat eine zehr lange Zeit gewesen das ich habe nicht Deutsch gesproken so bitte nett sein.  Danke Schoen.
  2. Climb a pyramid in Egypt.image
  3. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean on both sides, in the Pacific Ocean, in the Mediterranean Sea and the Caribbean Sea.image
  4. Find buried treasure.  I did this in Jamaica when I found a gold ring while snorkelling.
  5. Visit the Parthenon.image image
  6. Read all the Harry Potter books and watch all the movies.image
  7. This one is a three parter, bit is all linked, so I made it one.  I wanted to learn to figure skate, wear a sparkly skating costume and skate in a show.  Here is a picture of my beautiful costume repurposed for a fairy costume when I worked as a kindergarten teacher’s aide in the Netherlands.image
  8. Do a long distance race.  I did the “Great Walk” from Gold River to Tahsis B.C which was 40 miles over two mountains in 13 hours.  It is called the blistering boot race for a reason.  I have a T-shirt to prove it.
  9. Walk around Stonehenge.  It was bloody cold and miserable with the driving rain and wind on the Salsbiry plain, but well worth it.image
  10. Visit Venice and cross the canal on as many bridges as possible.image
  11. Learn to arrange flowers, my mom was always good at this, and she and my dad both worked for my paternal grandfather who was a florist and so I felt it would carry on the tradition.image
  12. Walk around the Roman Forum in Rome.image
  13. Visit the Roman Colleseum.image
  14. Live in Europe.  This is the town where we lived for four glorious years; Gangelt, Germany.imageimageimage
  15. Eat gelato in Italy, and I ate a lot!  My favourite flavours were mango, pink grapefruit, blood orange and chocolate.  Coffee was also amazing.image