Horrifyingly Thrifty! Or how to be a scarily good Refashionista!

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Halloween is creeping up quickly and it is time for all good people to come out as your alter ego, wished for character or what ever else you want to be.  As I can’t afford and don’t wish to pay retail prices for Halloween costumes, these are just two examples of costumes I have made myself from thrifted items.  And I bet you can see a recurring theme here, (Zombie freak, maybe?)


This first refashion was one I made about 7 years ago.  I went as a zombie beauty pageant winner.  I purchased a “beautiful” pink ball gown which I splattered in fake blood, and bought a length of ribbon (which was my only retail purchase for this refashion).  I painted the lettering for ‘Mrs Walking Dead’ myself because of course I must have won the competition.  The prosthetic bite mark I made myself from white glue and tissues.  I painted on my teeth to show that my cheek had been bitten away. I also made a big bite mark on my neck.   As you can see, I am quickly decomposing around the bites.  I love this costume!


With this costume, I was attending Comic-con, so I decided to be a zombie version of myself.  I purchased hospital scrubs at Value Village and used a plastic apron, globes and arm shields that I got from work.  I did ask before taking them, just I case you were wondering.  The scrubs got slashed and spattered with fake blood.  Again I did my own prosthetics of a gun shot entry and exit wound to the face, unfortunately I didn’t get a good picture of a close up of the exit wound.  So sad.  This is my favourite zombie costume so far, I had tons of people ask to take a picture with me pretending to bite them.  My picture made it on to several people’s Facebook pages.  I’m a star!  No autographs please, I am rather aggressive about that!

Please feel free to show me or tell me about your favourite Halloween costumes, I would love to see or hear about them. Cheers, Michele