50 by 50. Completed bucket list items. (Part 1)

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I have been seeing all over the Internet the whole 30 by 30 craze which are the things you should have figured out by 30.  I am not sure about having things figured out, as who the heck has anything figured out, I mean really!  But for me a lot of them seem to be about things completed on a bucket list.  Unfortunately, my bucket list always seems to be continually growing and changing.  But I have been blessed to have the opportunities to be able to check off tons of things on my bucket list so far.  So in a mindlessly random order, here goes the first 15:

  1. Climb the Eifel tower.  I have done this twice with my daughter Katie as my other daughter Madeline doesn’t like heights so my husband Will stayed to Keep her company half way up.image
  2. Eat wood fire grilled octopus and drink Retsina in Greece.  Unfortunately I didn’t snap a picture of the actual consumption of said items, but this picture was taken in Corfu just down the road from an open air bar/grill by the sea just down the road.  But I will say this, the octopus was delicious and slightly wood smoke flavoured with delicious grill taste and the Retsina was an unusual taste experience of wine with piney resin added in.  Not everyone’s potent potable of choice but I glad I tried it.image
  3. Overcome my fear of camels.  A select few of you know the story behind this one.  Damn that camel Dundas, he has ruined me for all other encounters with the blasted andromedaries!image
  4. Go to Comic-Con in full costume and here I am as a Zombie autopsy technician which is one of my jobs, the technician part not the Zombie.  Although without enough coffee in the morning this could be true.  Thank goodness for large iced cold press coffees.image
  5. Have a wonderful family to love.  These are my dad and mom and my child hood dog, Scamp.image  This picture was taken years ago on our Mediterranean Sea cruise in 2007.image
  6. Have amazing children who have grown up to be absolutely fabulous adults who I couldn’t be more proud of to know let alone have as my own offspring.  Love you awesome nerds.imageimage
  7. Marry my best friend and soul mate.  This picture is from output wedding day, January 9th 1988 when we eloped and got married in our apartment in Victoria BC with five close friends and the justice of the peace.  I am wearing the dress I wore when I graduated from the University of Victoria in 1986.  We look so young!image
  8. See The Police live in concert.  For my 42nd birthday my husband bought tickets to see The Police in concert at the Olympic stadium in Munich Germany.  A totally awesome concert and gift.  And all those years of subjecting my children to “that horrible 80’s music” finally paid off when my girls could sing along to all their songs.image
  9. Go to Oktoberfest and dance on the tables and drink beer.  Yep that’s me in a dirndl holding a Maas of beer with a big sprig of beer hops ticked in my top.  I sang and danced on the tables for hours.  It’s thirsty work I can tell you.  The Germans have a drinking song for every occasion.  So civilized!  And a hell of a lot of fun!image
  10. Have the love of wonderful dogs.  The first dog is Maggie, a chocolate lab and golden retriever cross who is 5 years old and is our present dog,  she is lying in her chair checking out the neighbourhood.  The second dog is Sammy, a pure bred golden retriever that we had from 1992 to 2007.  Such an amazing girl with a gentle kind heart.  I miss her so much.  The final dog was the first dog I ever owned, Scamp. she was a Beagle cross with a mutt who made my childhood all the richer.  She was an absolutely fantastic dog.  She taught me the joys and sorrows of loving a dog and having them go to doggie heaven.  When she died I was devastated, as I was when Sammy died too.  Losing a dog is a terrible thing, but loving one and being loved back is the best.  Hopefully heaven is full of dogs, as I truly believe it is, now if they only let us humans in!image


  11. Drive a Vespa.  I don’t have a picture of this, but it was so much fun..image
  12. Climb the Spanish steps.  This day was a blistering 50 degrees Celsius as we made our way across Rome from gelato shop to gelato shop.  All that dairy made me so bloated that I looked 6 months pregnant, a fact, luckily, not shown in this photo.  This trip was part of our week long Tuscany vacation in 2007.image
  13. Climb the Arc du Triumph.  There are a lot of steps in a very tight spiralling staircase which was hell for the claustrophobic me.image
  14. Graduate University.  Here I am with my future husband after graduating with my Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Victoria in 1987..image
  15. Learn to play guitar.  I learned mostly from a book, but also took some lessons from a friend.  I still pick it up now and again and play, but I need proper lessons.  I do love it through.  My mediocre playing covers up my even more mediocre singing.image

What are your bucket list items, either completed or not?  I would love to hear about them. Stay tuned for the next instalment of 50 by 50.

Cheers, Michele