She’s a Doll! (Part 3) The tiny house is finished!

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Well here is the final open house on the tiny doll house build!  Maybe I should go into the business of doll house “flipping”?

image image

I took the box and using fasteners that were originally tufting buttons on the top of the box and glue, attached one side of the lid to the box to create a hinge.  I used a left over fastener to create a button on the side and using a hair elastic attached it to the lid for a simple closure fastening for the lid.  I had some left over navy satin ribbon from a refashioning and glued it along three sides to make a strap for carrying as this is meant to be a totally portable doll house.



Then I worked on the inside and lined the box with fabric for wall paper and flooring.  I created a small carpet for the floor by taking a rectangle of flannelette and fraying the two ends for carpet fringe.  I glued on ricrac for decoration and to make it more carpet like.  I built the furniture so it would fit perfectly on the floor of the tiny house with the carpeted area left free.



I created a tiny bathroom area using pieces from a thrifted silver metallic shoe for the plumbing of the sink and claw foot bathtub and shower as well as a small vanity mirror.  I used a small piece of lace for the shower curtain which I stitched to a piece of shoe strap before gluing it into the box.


The furniture glued to the wall of the house is all made from cut outs from felt that I free hand drew.  I made a small dining area with a table and chairs, and a small shelf to hold a pretty bowl and some books finish the dining room decor.  If the box had been bigger I would have been able to create more rooms.  Oh well, maybe in the next one.

I absolutely loved doing this little house up.  I still have a little more sewing to complete the doll’s wardrobe, but it is for all intents and purposes, done.  What do you think?

Cheers, Michele