She’s a real doll! Or re-living my childhood at 51.

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I posted recently about creating a travelling doll house as a new project.  And so I have been quite busy with it.  I have already purchased a suitable box to use as the travelling house, as well as a small wooden box with a latch to make a wardrobe.

imageimage image

I have yet to refit the box for the doll house as I have been quite busy making the doll first to make sure that the fittings of the house will fit her.


I made her from unbleached sturdy cotton fabric and made her an extremely abundant head of hair by stitching thread on her head and knotting lengths of embroidery floss for the hair. My doll now has a full weave.  I stitched on her face with embroidery floss as well.  I have trimmed her hair to give her a fringe.

image image image image image

I hand stitched a white and purple dress from some scrap fabric and ribbon from a previous refashioning project and some warm teal flannelette pyjamas from a bundle of fat quarters.


I also made a skirt from some left over sleeves from a purple gingham shirt and sewed in a layered petticoat from some cotton lining from an additional refashion of my own.

I will continue to flesh out her wardrobe before lining the thrifted case with fabric, hinging the lid to the box and creating some furniture from fabric and plastic mesh.  I am really enjoying this project and think I will make another travelling doll house when this one is complete.  I have some silver fabric to create a mirror, I am going to make a bed and a sofa with pillows.  The lid will become the floor of the little house. The lid has high sides to create a tray to keep the doll and her clothes from rolling off while the child plays with it on her lap at home, or while travelling.  I hope that Gracie, the niece of a good friend, will enjoy this little project as much as I have enjoyed making it.  I will keep you posted as to the final results.  Let me know about your refashioning, DIY and upcycling projects, I would love to see them. Cheers, Michele