She’s a Doll! Part 2. Or Furnishing the tiny house.

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The whole tiny house movement has become huge in recent years, but I think I am taking it to extremes.  And the doll house project continues apace!

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I have made a little bed for my little doll which I created from stuffing and plastic cross stitch craft mesh sheets folded over and stuffed to create a mattress.  I stitched all of it by hand and covered it in flannelette.   Then I stitched a little pillow and comforter which I sewed to the mattress leaving one side of the comforter to allow the dol to be put to bed with ease.   I stitched it all down to keep the parts of the bed from being lost.  Everything was stitched by hand except for the comforter.  Lots of little stitches and sore eyes and fingers, I can tell you!

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I have also also created a little sofa which is made the same as the bed from plastic mesh and stuffing.  I sewed tiny pillows and sewed them to the sofa.


I have also made a brightly coloured bath robe for the doll from soft flanelette.

I need to get some spray glue to attach the wall paper to the inside of the box but that is still to come.  A quick trip to Micheal’s craft store is in order I think.

What do you think of this fun little project?  Not a difficult one, just very labour and time intensive.  But I have been watching Tintin cartoons that I had recorded years ago when my girls were little so it makes the time go faster.  That is why I have a TV, DVD player and VHS machine in my sewing room.  Then I can watch old movies when I am ironing or hand stitching.  I am up to “Red Rackam’s Treasure” so who knows how far I will get before this project is done.

I sure hope Gracie likes it.  I know it will be hard to let my little creation go, but I know it will go to someone who will love it.  Cheers, Michele