Thrifting in miniature! Or how to pass on a love of refashion!

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A great lady from work gave me a terrific idea which then lead to a further great idea in my fermenting imagination.  When I told her I had created a pile of soon to be cast off thrifted clothing that had just not made the grade she suggested turning them into clothes for future grandchildren or for their dolls.  I thought, hey, I can do one better and make a traveling doll house with furniture, doll and doll clothes included. So I have been scouring the endless world of the Internet and have some ideas of how to go about it. I found some great ideas and have included the pictures as inspiration below .

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What do you think?  I think it will be a blast to broaden my thrifting and refashioning skills in miniature.  I always did love salvaging my mom’s fabric scraps into making clothes for my dolls and this will be a very fun project to play around with.