“Unwilling to let go of summer” finds!

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Yes, I know that summer in Ottawa is over and with the leaves changing colour and the temperatures cooling, autumn is upon us, but I am never willing to let go of the hunt for dresses.  So these dresses found their way into my shopping basket this week and made their way home with me, even if they are out of season; they can just hibernate all winter; ready for spring.


This first find is going to get lots of wear next summer as it is the right shape with the fuller skirt, I love black and white, and goodness knows I love a dress with pockets.  So this find at $13.99 from Value Village will be waiting til the warm days of 2016 to make its debut.


Here is another very summery find, it is a vintage halter, sailor style romper and yes those are gaucho bottoms.  I am not sure about that bow thing at the front and I may change it into either a shorter romper or a dress, time will tell and I might do a walk through of the refashion.  But it was only $6.99 so it was a steal.


This oddly patterned dress is a recent find and I am not sure about it yet, I love the print, but it was $18.99 which is a lot more than I usually spend but there was something about it that begged me to take it home.  So it will keep the tag on for a few more days while I reconsider its adoption.  But I am weak person and will probably keep it because it is just a bit odd, and I love odd things, and at least with me it will have a good home.

Good bye summer, hello fall, time to dig out the sweaters and all.  Cheers, Michele