Tintin….yes yes!

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I know I just posted this week, but I have been dying not sharing this gem.  This has got to be one of my favourite thrift finds, you just can not imagine the dance of sheer joy I performed right in the store when I found this little beauty.  I have had it over a year now, wear it a lot, receive loads of comments and compliments and will never let it go.  Someone knit this and it was loved and worn well before being passed on.  The person who owned it before must have had the smallest head known to man or woman so I had to cut off the neck and refashion it to get it over my big melon.  So without further ado, (but cue the drum roll, the release of doves and the shaft of celestial light shining down) my Tintin sweater!


Keep the envy and salivating to a minimum please.  You too shall find your “Holy Grail” piece, if you have faith in the Gods and Goddesses of thrifters, (I often wonder who our patron saint is?  Maybe St. Vincent de Paul, he has all those thrift stores named after him.).  Cheers, Michele