Gilding the Lily or Jewelry Makes the Outfit Shine!

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Some of my favourite thrifted and gifted necklaces come from a variety of eras and sources. Many I have restrung or restyled to fit me.  I like quirky vintage inspired jewelry the best and am always on the hunt for the next great piece

imageMy coral and red crystal necklaces.

Pearls from my Grandmothers and mom.image

imageMy black necklaces.

Gold metal necklaces.image

imageGreen necklaces from beads from my daughters.

Austrian crystals and chunky clear beads.image

These are just some of my shorter necklaces, I have so much jewelry it is a possible hoarding issue and if I didn’t enjoy it so much I might need some therapy to help with this problem. I think that the  best pieces are those that show a little or a lot of wear because then I can imagine a previous owner wearing and loving them for many years.  And then passing them on for me to have the great pleasure of finding or receiving to continue to enjoy.  I love wearing the gifted necklaces because I feel that my grandmothers, my mother and my daughters are closer to me when I wear them.  What are your favourite gifted or thrifted jewelry pieces?

Cheers, Michele