What is my style? Does my wardrobe “fit” me? (Be prepared for rambling)

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What is my style?  This is a difficult question as a person’s style is constantly evolving from day to day, week to week, season to season, and year to year.  What we are wearing now we might not be caught dead in down the road.

But the thing I think everyone should always consider is the “fit” of an item of clothing.  And by this I mean, not just the physical fit, how it flatters and accentuates those things we like about our bodies, or disguises things we don’t but, how it “fits” us.  Does it “fit” In our life style; what we need our clothes to do for us in our work and off time; but most importantly does it feel like it is “us”!  Do the clothes make you happy, do you put them on and instantly feel comfortable, like they were made for you, fuss free and comfortable.

Do you pick something out of your closet and then find yourself putting it back with a “Nah, not today” on more than one occasion?  Do the clothes malinger in your closet or wardrobe no matter how much we think we like the colour or fit or style?   Do they sit there reproachfully as they are items with a past that are being held on to for the memories they evoke. Then these clothes don’t “fit”.  The memories of experiences had while wearing these clothes; will remain in our hearts and minds long after these particular items are gone.  Also items given to us as gifts or hand me downs can carry emotional baggage if they are not truly “fitting” for you or your life style.  Let go of your wardrobe “baggage” and you will be much freer, both emotionally and in closet space.

Now these might seem to be hypocritical ideas from a self-confessed clothing hoarder, but I am trying hard to practise what I am learning.  I am trying to cull my wardrobe down to pieces that make me happy, that “fit” me.  This is a hard but rewarding process.  I have been watching You Tube videos and reading about the capsule wardrobe phenomenon that seems to big right now; and although I will never (by choice) refuse my wardrobe to a capsule of interchangeable parts, I am inspired by the theory if not the practice.   It is about the clothing items fitting your needs and having only pieces you love.  I am working through the “Twelve step” program right now, but am only up to admitting I have a problem .  (This is meant humourously of course).

As a person who has every thrift store in my city preprogrammed into my GPS so that if I am out somewhere and have a bit of time, I can pop into the closest thrift store to feed my addiction.  But I need to be in control of the addiction and not let it control me.  I need to remember that no matter how inexpensive a piece is, if I don’t love it and wear it, it has no use value so it costs me more in in disorganization and wasted closet space than it originally cost me, a hard lesson to remember.  A work in progress, for sure!

So though I admit I have a problem with a thrifting addiction, I am trying to be more practical and objective about my purchases even if I am ‘occasionally’ suckered in by an unusual unique piece.  Variety is the spice of life after all! Thank you for reading through my ramblings and let me know what “fits” you best about your wardrobe.  I would love to see or hear about your favourite go to pieces and why they “fit” you.  Cheers and happy hunting!