The Natural Evolutionary Laws of Thrifting

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There are certain laws of thrifting as far I am concerned and they have served me well in the never ending, sometimes frustrating and fruitless, but ever fascinating hunt for great finds.  I will list them off in random order:

  • Be open minded, some of the best finds are in the most unlikely places and when you least expect it.  Try to ignore the dirt and funny smells in the stores, the clothing and items can always be cleaned.
  • Wear light comfy clothing you can try items over, as often on sale days there are no available change rooms.
  • Wear a cross the body bag or carry things you need in your pockets, so travel light.
  • Have a wish list of items that are the “Holy Grail” items I.e. The perfect leather jacket or high waisted trousers, but never turn down an opportunity to scour the shelves and racks for other items if you have time.
  • Be willing to take a chance on new, ” outside your comfort zone” items, the price is right and you may be surprised at what works.
  • Learn your stores; their hours and return policies.  It you take something home and it doesn’t work after all, if the tag is still on, you may be able to return it for cash, store credit or exchange it for other great finds.
  • Get to know the staff and always be unfailingly polite as if you are a ‘frequent flier’ like me at my favourite stores, the staff get to know your taste and will either hold things for you or point out new items on the racks that are your taste.
  • Chat with other shoppers, you meet terrific people and can share stories of great finds, get tips on the best stores and make new thrifting friends.  I met a terrific lady today who has a blog called Twice Bought, you should check it out, it is amazing.
  • Try not to be rushed, you will not enjoy yourself.
  • See the potential in the cut or fabric, things can always be altered it you have the time and means to do so.
  • Finally, have fun,

Cheers, Michele