Stand at ease! Coat Refashion!

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imageI was given this coat for free from a very lovely lady who I met while thrifting.  I admired the two coats she was trying on; one was this one; which had a real fur collar that she wanted on the other coat, so I gave her some idea for this refashion.  We parted ways, and unbeknownst to me, bought both coats, borrowed a pair of scissors, and unpicked the treads off the fur collar.  The next thing I know she came up and gave me this coat for free as a thank you for my help!  Pretty amazing!  Another amazing fact; this coat is made in Canada and I love to buy clothing from my own country; added bonus!  Then I made a basic two piece “slip cover” for the original collar and hand stitched it on.  The cuffs serve to lengthen the too short sleeves, and damn it I love them!  I am going to search for some buttons to add to the cuffs to continue the sort of “Queen’s horse guard” military feel of this coat.  I am pretty proud of this refashion.  Cheers!